Signs The Car You Bought Is A Lemon

  1. As you leave the used car lot, you see the owner rush out with a gigantic smile and high-five the salesman.
  2. You notice that the car phone they threw in "for free" has a direct line to Moes's Towing Company.
  3. The booster cables are not in the trunk but are permanently soldered to the battery.
  4. The hood has been equipped with a push-button device for quick and easy opening.
  5. The "Purchased From" sticker at the bottom of the rear license plate has been removed.
  6. You get a "Good Luck" card from the previous owner.
  7. As you drive up to a service station for gas, the mechanic opens the big door and waves you in.
  8. When you leave for work the next morning, you notice a tow truck parked about a block from your driveway. As you go by, it silently falls in behind you.
  9. The little "Service Engine" warning signal in the dashboard comes on and reads "Me Again."