Environmental Health
updated January 25, 2008


This “page” is a vehicle for helpful information on all aspects of Environmental Health. It was introduced in January, 2002, when Victor Kubik offered to set up a section of his Web site for this project.

We have not updated this page in a while, yet there are a few notable items that we would like add as of today, April 11, 2004. a few more posts.

This Web site page began with follow-up material to the article, “Colognes, Chemicals, Compassion, and the Church,” which was published in the January, 2002, issue of United News, a monthly publication of United Church of God, an International Association. The article addresses the subject of hazardous chemicals in commercial colognes, perfumes, and other personal care products and their adverse effects, including effects on public gatherings, such as church services. The initial articles posted on this Web page supply further information to those so desiring it.

Those participating in this project hope that Environmental Health will eventually be broadened to include all aspects of healthful living.

In the articles, "colognes" is used to refer primarily to colognes, perfumes, and after shave lotions. It includes other personal scented products when they have a strong, lingering smell. The word "cologne" was chosen over the word "perfume" because cologne is worn by more people than perfume, and cologne, usually being less expensive, is more likely to have toxic chemicals than perfumes. The word "fragrance" is sometimes used as a synonym for colognes, etc., and sometimes used as it is in the fragrance industry, where it refers to any substance added to products to make them smell good.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this section is the “Personal stories from people with chemical sensitivities.”

The reason most the short articles initially placed here are by Don Hooser is that their content was part of the original research and writing of “Colognes, Chemicals, Compassion and the Church., but this material was not included in the published article due to space limitation. These articles are the “rest of the story.” To read about Don’s background, click on “Background of my interest in Environmental Health.”

The articles and other material posted here are not official teachings of any organization. The people involved in this project do not necessarily agree with everything that is posted here, or with everything in the recommended articles or Web sites. Any decisions one makes about his own health is, of course, his sole responsibility.

Our readers are invited to contribute relevant educational material for this project. The articles can be original writing or quotes and excerpts from published articles. Please see “Reviewers and Review Policies.” And we welcome your feedback and comments. Let us hear from you. You can respond by e-mail to the coordinator of Environmental Health at don_hooser@ucg.org.

by Don Hooser