“Wild Geese Calling” by Anne Elliott

                    by Anne Elliott

As I sat on my porch in the cool of the day
     I heard  wild geese calling.
High in the air, with the wind in their wings,
    Their echoing voices falling,

Onward they came, a triumphant band,
    Each bird fulfilling its role,
Each wing stroke uplifting those flying  behind,
    Each joy-cry lending strength the whole.

And then they were gone, like a dream in the night,
      Forging onward,  a new world to find.
   But their ringing call kept sounding in my ear,
       A soft echoing voice in my mind.

"We're like those geese," I thought to myself,            
    "and our  leader's voice we hear.
Together, we're  traveling onward, too,
        And our journey's end is near."     

"We've left our troubled world behind,
     This life of grief and strife,
And we're seeking a fair promised land
      To begin a whole new life."

"We've heard the call, we're on our way,
     The race is nearly run,
Keep up the pace, maintain your place,
      The battle's almost won!"

With the blast of a trumpet and  an angel's  loud call   
       We'll fly on the wings of the wind
To the arms of our Savior in the air,
        And we'll never be earthbound again.

Have you heard the wild geese calling?
   Do you feel the urge to fly?
Have you a vision of a better world,
    And your place by our Maker's side?

Then look  upward and look onward,
     Let God's Life Book show the way,
Let His  Spirit  lift and lead you
     From this strife-filled world away,

To a world we've never seen before
     Where Truth and Mercy reign,
And God's love, a mighty river flows,
      Giving life to the world again.

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Vic Kubik