Posted December 20, 2008 

For both Johnnie Lambert, associate pastor of Eastern Europe and me  the discovery of people who have adopted our beliefs in the Baltic Republics has been a great joy.  In June 2007 we first came into contact with Robert Schultz who was pastor of the Smiltene Baptist Church in Northeast Latvia. The church had already changed from Sunday to Saturday Sabbath worship. 


We met the Schultz  family for the first time when they came up to Tartu, Estonia in October 2007 to keep the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles with us.  They also came out the island of Saaremaa to keep the Last Great Day with us.  Subsequently my wife Beverly and I visited them in their Smiltene home in December 2007.  We also met some of the other Sabbath-keepers.  In July 2008 two carloads of Latvians came up to Tartu to meet with the Estonians and four of us who came from the United States to visit.  This included Britt Taylor, Jim Franks, Beverly Kubik and myself. 


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- Victor Kubik



Group in Latvia Keeps the Feast For First Time


Below is a report from members of a church in Latvia who are learning about theHoly Days and interested in the United Church of God. As reported in the August issue ("Ministers Visit Estonia," page 3), many from this group traveled to Estonia to meet with Vic Kubik and the Estonian members. Their leader, Robert Schultz, kept part of the Feast in Estonia last year and this year attended the UCG site in Germany.


 by Antra Kikute and Ziedonis Riders

This year was the first time the Smiltene Baptist Church in Latvia in the Baltic Republics kept the Feast of Tabernacles. A year ago we as a church started to learn about God's Holy Days. By studying the Bible, we have come to the conclusion that we want to obey God's law and keep His Holy Days.

Esther, Antra and Daca in Tartu, Estonia
on July 18, 2008

As God commanded, we gathered on the first day of the Feast. Including children there were 12 people. The meeting started with worship and praise. Since our pastor and his family went to Germany to celebrate the feast with the United Church of God, brother Ziedonis was authorized to lead the meeting. We learned about the future Kingdom of Christ that is coming. After having discussions about the feasts, we went to have a meal and fellowship.

The schedule of the Last Great Day meeting was sirnilar to the first day, but the message was even more exciting. There were 10 in attendance.

After the meeting we shared a delicious meal and had a nice afternoon talk. We spoke about God's Holy Days and how they have changed our thinking and lives.

On the Sabbath after the Feast, there were people who made the decision to celebrate the Feast of Tabemacles and Last Great Day next year for all eight days.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to coming years when we will devoutly celebrate all the feast days and to the coming Kingdom of God, when the whole earth will experience these feasts and their fulfillment.

The Robert Schultz family at the Feast of Tabernacles in Tartu, Estonia in October 2007. From left Esther, Shulamite, Robert, Elita, Reuben Paul and Jacob.

Robert Schultz at our meeting in Tartu, Estonia July 2008

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