Robert Kern

February 1, 2016

Death of Robert Kern

From Ken Graham, pastor, BloomingtonCanton and SpringfieldIllinois:

I am sorry to report that Robert L. Kern died sometime previous to 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 16, 2016. He was in great hope of the resurrection. He was also hoping that God would not allow him to suffer very long. God certainly answered his prayer. He regretted that he was physically unable to answer all the cards and letters he was receiving. Please keep his family in your prayers at this time.

 February 10, 2014

From Ken Graham, pastor

Robert Kern is the prisoner I recently baptized in the Iowa State Prison in Ft. Madison, Iowa. He was recently diagnosed with cancer.  He had been treated over 10 years ago for cancer and it went away.  This time the cancer is in his left hand in the meaty area between the thumb and forefinger.  It is the size of two dimes stacked on top of each other.  He's been in for three days of treatments during January already.  He has 3-4 more trips to go in for treatments (probably radiation and chemo, I suspect but he didn't specify in his letter) before 2-7-14.  Each trip to the University of Iowa Hospital in a 9 hour round trip day.  During this 9 hours he is locked up in a black box which binds the arms and legs in chains.  He is bruised on the wrists and ankles, and feels like he's been used as a punching bag when he gets home from each trip.  He is diabetic as well.  So, these trips are really rough on him.  He has faith to know whatever God's will is, not his own, will be done.

The doctor has told him they will eventually have to remove the cancer by cutting out an area roughly twice the size of the dimes in a circle.  This will remove so much flesh and muscle that it will be necessary to surgically attach (graft) his thumb to his forefinger permanently in order to have any use of the hand afterward.  I would like to request your prayers for his healing, that God will reduce the size of the cancer or heal it altogether, so that he will not be maimed so badly after the surgery and will have use of both thumb and forefinger separately.  As a prisoner he has no say-so in regard to whatever treatments the doctors order.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Best Regards,

Ken Graham
February 5, 2014

For those who would like to write and send a note of encouragement:

Robert Kern
P.O. Box 316 104234
Fort Madison, IA 52627-0316